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Home De-Clutter & Organisation

Hi, I’m Jessie!

I LOVE to Organise and declutter... I am all about organisation. I love it, I live it, I do it all the time and without even realising it. If there was an Olympic organising event, Gold would have my name on it!

  • Do you struggle to find things, most of the time?
  • Is your paperwork disorganised; do you struggle to find important documents quickly?
  • Are you downsizing and need to own less before moving?
  • Do you have a property to empty after a loved one has moved into care or passed away?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable to invite people round?

I work together with you, in your home, garage or shed to declutter and organise your living space. I will NEVER throw anything away without your permission. I will advise on storage solutions and help to reduce how much is stored and hidden away so you can easily see and find your possessions.


  • Household organising & flow
  • Office / Study / Work Zones
  • Paperwork Management
  • Filing Systems
  • Bookshelves / Libraries
  • Kitchens / Pantries
  • Bedrooms
  • Wardrobe / Clothing sort
  • Kids rooms / Play areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry / Linen Cupboards
  • Craft / Project rooms
  • Memorabilia / Collections / Photographs
  • Out of control spare rooms
  • Storage rooms / areas
  • Garages / Sheds

My service is friendly, professional and totally confidential. Give me a call today today to discuss your requirements.

I can help!




About Fixit Chix

Fixit-Chix is an extension of what I do best - clearing and organizing everything around me.

I have always been able to create a mental image of what a messy environment could look like, and then work diligently to achieve it.

I love having this impact on a space - room, garage, shed, loft, shop - so I decided to build a business doing what I enjoy doing.

Contact Info

PO Box 68, Singleton, NSW, 2330

0432 033 222