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Extreme Garage Declutter

Extreme Garage Declutter

A major transformation for an elderly couple who desperately needed to downsize before they moved house. They were absolutely stoked with the transformation, "we wouldn't of been able to do this without you".

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I was contacted by a lovely lady who was in desperate need of help. Her & her husband were moving house in 8 weeks and needed help to declutter and downsize before their big move to a retirement village 4 hours away. They were moving from a 4 bedroom, 2 story, double garage and workshop to a small 2 bedroom, 1 story, 1 garage size house. This was an absolute challenge for everyone. With decluttering comes a big emotional curve ball. Especially when it's 15+ years of your life that you're going through and "getting rid of". This project took many weeks to complete, multiple trips to the tip,  2 truck loads of rubbish and 3  truck loads of donations.

They were over the moon with the results. These results lowered their stress levels significantly, reduced the cost of their removalists & made it easier & quicker for them to move into their new home. 

"Jessie was like a gift from above. She is lovely to have in the house. She works extremely hard and is very strong. She has a great personality and gently guided my husband through the declutter. I would highly recommend her to anyone".

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Fixit-Chix is an extension of what I do best - clearing and organizing everything around me.

I have always been able to create a mental image of what a messy environment could look like, and then work diligently to achieve it.

I love having this impact on a space - room, garage, shed, loft, shop - so I decided to build a business doing what I enjoy doing.

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