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40 Items to get rid of today

It always amazes me how much STUFF we manage to accumulate over time.

Are you fed up with trying to shove more stuff into a cupboard where it doesn’t fit, or trip over those extra storage tubs that you haven’t got around to putting away, or waste time looking for something because it’s lost in all the clutter?

Do you become more and more impatient and frustrated until finally you’ve just had ENOUGH? Yep. That’s me too. So I decided to put together a practical list of 40 items you can get rid of today.

Let’s get started!


1. Empty alcohol bottles

2. Expired Makeup

3. Expired medication

4. Clothes that don’t fit

5. Books you’ve never read and won’t ever read!

6. Books you have read and have no intention of reading again

7. Old magazines & newspapers

8. Lonesome socks - just let them go!

9. Anything broken

10. Old mobile phones

11. Baby items if you have finished having babies

12. Chipped or cracked crockery

13. Out of date food in the cupboards

14. Half finished craft projects that are never going to be completed

15. Old phone chargers

16. Pens that don’t work any longer

17. 90% of what’s in the loft! (most of which you will have forgotten about!)

18. Old business cards

19. One odd shoe

20. Empty boxes for purchased appliances

21. Junkmail and used envelopes

22. Old take-away menus

23. Jigsaw puzzles with one piece missing

24. Herbs and spices you never use

25. Last years calendar

26. Expired food in the fridge

27. Expired food in the freezer

28. Dead plants/flowers

29. Ratty old towels

30. Broken sports equipment

31. Out of date vouchers and deals

32. Everything in your junk and spam email folders

33. Broken luggage

34. Broken appliances

35. Novelty mugs (get rid of those excess mugs!!)

36. Battery-operated toys where the battery compartment has corroded

37. Dried-out textas

38. Cables that don’t fit any known electronics in your house

39. Bags and lanyards from past conferences

40. Travel brochures

Phew! – how’s your home looking now?…..

by admin

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