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Garage Makeover - Declutter & Organise

A garage is a valuable space but more often than not the garage becomes a dumping ground for, well, everything.

The problem: There are so many home and garden essentials — tools, garden equipment, outdoor toys, bikes, golf clubs… the list goes on. But with clever storage and organisational ideas your garage can become a practical and organised multi-use living space.

For me, every garage project is different because every client is different; different interests, different hobbies and different storage needs. Fixit Chix ask questions and listen. We want to discover your vision for the ideal garage – and then make it happen!

Like so many of us, my clients were super busy juggling work and family. With a passion for gardening came a huge array of gardening tools and supplies. This garage needed to be a multi-use living space with well defined areas for different outdoor activities including a workshop, workout area and lots of storage.

Fixit chix created an organised, practical and decluttered space with time-saving ideas, clever shelving and DIY hacks to meet their needs. This young family wanted a quick grab ‘n’ go solution to leave them more time to spend together in the garden, doing the things they love and teaching their children about growing food and “to live off the land”.

Another Happy Client - "Garage looks awesome, the transformation was amazing, thanks again. I've been inspired and I bought a label maker for the house stuff".

I love decluttering and organising garages!

If you need help to declutter and organise your garage, or if you would like to chat about how my service works then get in touch.
Call Jessie on 0432 033 222 or submit an enquiry.

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About Fixit Chix

Fixit-Chix is an extension of what I do best - clearing and organizing everything around me.

I have always been able to create a mental image of what a messy environment could look like, and then work diligently to achieve it.

I love having this impact on a space - room, garage, shed, loft, shop - so I decided to build a business doing what I enjoy doing.

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